According to legal regulations the Hungarian Tourist Board requests all hosts by the law to supply certain statistical data about their hosts..

The official brochure and the aid for recording data you can download from the websites below. Please read through attentively the document since it has all the details about the data collection..




All guests are obliged to provide the legally requested data (kids as well)

There are three possible ways for data collection:

  1. The host collects data with a document screener upon arrival of the guests.
  2. Guests themselves provide data before arrival whith the aid of the application.
  3. If document screening happened to be unsuccesful manual data collection is also possible.

Since we won’t meet in person at You arrival we can arrange data recording before Your arrival the following ways:

  • Load down please the ’Vendégem’ application from the website above. To Your e-mail address You provide You will receive an e-mail that contains data of Your booking as well as an individual identification code for entry into the guest document recording platform where you complete data recording.
  • If, for any reason, this procedure did not work, the host can mange manual data recording. In this case please send the data listed in the official brochure about all guests to my e-mail address before Your arrival.

We are grateful for Your kind cooperation.

Should you happen to have any question concerning the place, arrival or data collection we will be gratefully answer all we can.

Yours truly, Your host: Lívia Katalin Győrfi

Tel: +3630/2576007